Global Talent Profiling: The Science of Hiring

We know that hiring qualified talent is a top priority for many companies. Finding a new candidate for an open position uses an immense amount of company time and resources. If there were a guarantee that a candidate would succeed in a new position and bring the company positive results, that would take a lot of the stress out of hiring, right? Global Talent Profiling gives you this guarantee.

Behavioral profiling is the most accurate, state-of-the-art method for assessing current or future employees or executives for hiring or internal promotion purposes. In its most primitive form, behavioral profiling is the process of obtaining and analyzing information about an individual based on observed characteristics or behavior. Our experts use this method to analyze candidates or talent in regards to how well they would fit a new position or promotion at your company. 

We use the most recent, most advanced hiring technology to determine whether or not a candidate is right for a role.

  • Step 1: We help you define the ideal behavioral profile, or personality type, for a specific position or role.
  • Step 2: Our expert behavioral consultant, a former CIA profiler, assesses potential candidates for a specific role
  • Step 3: We deliver a report summarizing the candidate’s personality, strengths and weaknesses and what kind of team member they have the capacity to be

We also conduct Corporate Executive Assessments, Leadership Development, Business and Leadership Coaching and Management Consulting.